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Scientific and Organizing Committees Meeting

According to the directions of the Ninevah University President Office The committees of the first international scientific medical and engineering conference of the University of Nineveh for the year 2021 held their periodic meeting to discuss the preparations for the conference on Wednesday 10/14/2020 at the Faculty of Medicine and in the hall of Prof. Dr. Muzahim Al-Khayyat. The Vice Chancellor for Scientific Affairs chaired the meeting of the Commettiees , in the presence of the members of the Organizing and E-managment Committee, and the members of the scientific committees in the Faculties of Nineveh Medicine and Electronics Engineering. The meeting discussed the most important preparatory steps that have been accomplished, and the website of the conference was presented with its medical and engineering websites.

It was also discussed how to encourage researchers to publish their scientific findings in this conference, to give researchers of Nineveh universities a greater opportunity to participate in it by activating the terms of the twinning agreements with them and involving them as logistically and academically in the conference. One of the goals of this conference is to introduce the civil and cultural pictures of Nineveh Governorate, as well as presenting the capabilities of professors, scholars and academics of Nineveh governorate universities to the whole world.
The meeting ended with guidance on completing the preparations and getting the website ready to hold the conference on the specified date for the purpose of its launch, as well as to follow-up in order to bring the conference and its results to the required level that serve its success and achieve its objectives in the service of the educational process in our country.

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