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A delegation from Nineveh University visits the Northern Technical University

A delegation from the University of Nineveh visited on Monday, 11/30/2020 headed by the Vice President for Scientific Affairs Prof. Dr.. Jaafar Ramadan Muhammad, in the presence of the directors of the scientific departments at our university, to activate the joint scientific cooperation agreement that was concluded earlier between the two universities. The delegation met with the president of the Northern Technical University, Dr. Alya Abbas Al-Attar and directors of scientific departments. Discussions were held on the scientific matters of the two universities regarding publishing and scientific and academic research and to participate in holding seminars and conferences in order to activate the agreement between the two universities by inviting our university to researchers in the faculties of the Northern Technical University to participate in the two international scientific conferences that will be held at Nineveh University in the month of April 2021 in the medical field. And engineering. The accomplished works and the website of the engineering conference were shown, which won the admiration of the University President and the attendees, showing the university researchers ’readiness to actively participate in it, especially after indicating that these research will be published in the reputable journals of global Scopus containers. The two conferences in their second edition 2022/2021 by the Northern Technical University formations, wishing the two universities further cooperation in the service of the educational process in our dear country.

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