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a delegation from the University of Nineveh visits the University of Mosul

A delegation from the University of Nineveh, headed by the President of the University, Prof. Dr. Osama al-Mashhadani, accompanied by the Vice President of the University for Administrative and Scientific Affairs and the Heads of the Academic Departments at the University, visited the presidency of the University of Mosul on Wednesday, 2/12/2020. Where he was greeted by the President of the University of Mosul, Prof. Dr. Qusay Kamal Al-Din Al-Ahmadi, and the Assistant Scientific Professor Dr. Munir Salem This visit came to present letters of thanks and appreciation to the President and Assistants of the President of the University for Scientific and Administrative Affairs, in appreciation of their efforts to provide our university with the necessary human resources
for the new faculties and to activate the joint scientific cooperation agreement between the two universities
Also to invite researchers from the University of Mosul to actively participate in the Nineveh University's medical and engineering conferences, which adopted the Nineveh University scheduled for April 2021.
Al-Ahmadi welcomed this initiative, calling for the two conferences to be periodic, since the conference represents the universities of Nineveh in general, and that the participating research will be published in cooperation with the Iop publishing, which is cataloged within the international (scopus) indexes. It is worth noting that these two conferences will be held annually by one of the universities in Nineveh Governorate. At the end of the visit, the two sides agreed on the necessity of holding periodic meetings for the academic assistants and heads of scientific departments in the two universities to come up with recommendations that would contribute to the success of the two conferences at the global level, wishing the two universities more cooperation in the service of the educational system in our dear country.

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